Apple could out Beats-based music service with iOS 8.4

Apple could out Beats-based music service with iOS 8.4

Apple could out Beats-based music service with iOS 8.4

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Apple could out Beats-based music service with iOS 8.4

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Apple is reportedly working on another sizeable update to iOS 8 with a view to introducing its revamped Beats-based music service.

9to5Mac claims Apple is currently testing iOS 8.4 – internally codenamed Copper – with plans to launch after the Apple Watch becomes available in the United States in April.

The site’s sources claim Apple is considering introducing a new Music experience within the update, which would blend its current app with Beats Music’s subscription streaming service.

Last week we brought word the company is planning to roll in Beats streaming library and human-curated playlists for a cloud-based service that would also enable offline storage as well as streaming.

The infusion could give Apple a better shot at competing with streaming kingpins like Spotify which have put a serious hole in Apple’s music revenues that iTunes Radio has not been able to plug.

The path to iOS 8.4 would have to come through iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3, both of which are still in beta form at the time of writing.

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On Monday the firm introduced the first beta of iOS 8.3 with support for wireless CarPlay. iOS 8.2 is also expected to drop in the next few weeks boasting support for the Apple Watch.

Also on Monday, we brought word of Apple’s plans for iOS 9 to focus on optimisations and bug fixes rather than new features.


    25 August 2013, 02:45 bearballz

    Van Halen for me!

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    25 August 2013, 02:45 RajivSK

    Fi1t sentence says: Samsung is fi1t with 5.1, not co1idering (excluding) Google.
    Second sentence says: Samsung is fi1t with 5.1.1, faster then everyone else, including Google.
    Can not make it any more simple. Google has not yet rolled 5.1.1 out to any handheld device. Again, unprecedented.

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    28 August 2013, 02:45 Cheeseball

    They probably made a custom build from Android-IA, because AFAIK ASUS doesn’t have any x86 Android products (e.g. running on an Intel Atom).

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