Apple Music is now available on Android

Apple Music is now available on Android

Apple Music is now available on Android

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Apple Music is now available on Android

Apple Music Android

Well, we guess Hell finally froze over because Apple Music – the heir apparent to the iTunes Store – is now available on Android devices.

The beta launch on Google Play, first announced in June, offers Android device owners a three-month trial just as their iOS counterparts received this summer.

After the trial period it will cost Android users

The App launch brings the Beats 1 radio station, personalised human-curated recommendations, as well as access to the Connect social platform for artists.

Since this is a beta launch, some features are missing. Music videos are coming soon, while users will need an iOS or Mac in order to sign up for the family plan.

Apple says the sign-up experience, too, will be optimised for Android in a future version. Right now, users will require Android 4.3 and up in order to access the service.

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The launch is the first proper Apple application ever to launch on Android devices, unless you count the “Move to iOS” app designed purely to help people who’ve ditched their Google-powered handset for an iPhone.

Apple currently has 6.5 million paying Apple Music subscribers and the company is likely to hope that opening up to Android users will help it take the fight to Spotify.

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    18 December 2013, 02:45 Ryan

    I’m somewhat in agreement. I had a friend who did have an extreme bad case of depression who I tried to help when I could. (long distance can only do so much…)
    I can let their other commercials slide, as dumb as they are.. but this one. No. Just.. pure.. NOPE. I don’t know what HTC was trying to go for on this one, but I honestly do find it offe1ive to those with depression, who do suffer, which also causes burden on their parents sometimes that they have to live through and get by. (assuming said pe1on lives with their parents or something, not everyone does)

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