How is BYOD a challenge for IT? [infographic]

How is BYOD a challenge for IT? [infographic]

How is BYOD a challenge for IT? [infographic]

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How is BYOD a challenge for IT? [infographic]

Trend Micro, the antivirus cloud computing software provider, has published an infographic detailing the challenge of introducing employee-liable devices into the corporate network.

The research showed differences of opinion with regard to whether BYOD is an employee right. Nearly three quarters of CEOs (73%) believed so, yet less than half (44%) of IT executives agreed.

Similarly, nine out of 10 CEOs were the main decision makers when it came to a BYOD policy, which again is a significant increase on IT execs (60%).

It’s perhaps not a surprise that a cloud company is warning others on the problems of bring your own device. Earlier this month AccelOps proclaimed that BYOD was one of the “greatest inhibitors to effective cloud security.”

So can BYOD and cloud be happy bedfellows? Find out in the infographic below why Trend Micro believes it’s more ‘bring your own risk’:

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