4 ways to achieve freedom in your mobile office

4 ways to achieve freedom in your mobile office

4 ways to achieve freedom in your mobile office

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4 ways to achieve freedom in your mobile office

Employees are accessing more corporate content than ever on personal devices – and it’s likely happening whether their company has a Bring Your Own Device Policy established or not. 

It’s imperative today’s organizations provide employees with the ability to store and sync content on one device and view/edit on another. Doing so creates a modern and collaborative, real-time workplace that helps reduce or even avoid security and compliance threats associated with storing corporate content in an unmanaged environment like a personal cloud service or on mobile devices.

Successfully implementing the right components and concepts ensures enterprises increase productivity, cost savings, and data protection, leading to mobility success.

For the mobile worker to successfully achieve freedom and full access in their mobile office, they’ll need four key components and concepts: Mobile Content Management, Mobile Enterprise Gateway, Secure Document Syncing, and a Secure Editor.

Mobile Content Management

The first step to achieving full access to content in your mobile office is the access to a secure content repository that offers encryption and authentication. Popular options include Windows File Share, Microsoft Sharepoint, Box, and Google Drive. They key is finding the right solution that offers security and data leak prevention controls.

Enterprise Gateway for Documents

The best and most secure option for mobile content management is with a Mobile Enterprise Gateway. These behind-the-firewall content repositories should be provided to ensure users have access to document files and folders, while being protected with robust security policies and controls.

Secure Document Sync

Having the ability to automatically sync files across managed devices is a powerful driver in enhancing user productivity and efficiency. A user could go ahead and create content on a laptop, then sync that content to smartphones and tablets for access and sharing on the go. These syncing capabilities help produce mobile content collaboration between multiple users.

Secure Editor

Now that your documents are able to be synced and easily accessible, you’ll need to be able to edit them securely. A secure editor enables you to work on docs anywhere within an encrypted container to ensure cross team collaboration on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Text Files, and the ability to share seamlessly within secure mail and corporate file folders.

When combining these four components and concepts together, users will be able to access content and remain productive in a secure environment that promotes collaboration and keeps organizations from experiencing crippling data leaks.

MaaS360 offers the Secure Productivity Suite solution which features an on device app with containerization and data leak prevention controls, allowing users to sync, share, create and edit content in a native, simple-to-use interface.

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