Apperian announces Android Lollipop support and updated enterprise app store

Apperian announces Android Lollipop support and updated enterprise app store

Apperian announces Android Lollipop support and updated enterprise app store

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Apperian announces Android Lollipop support and updated enterprise app store

Mobile app management (MAM) provider Apperian claims that “enterprise support for Android can no longer take a backseat to iOS”, as it announces support for Android Lollipop as well as a redesign of its enterprise app store.

The Boston-based company has been making waves in the enterprise mobile space for eschewing the traditional mobile device management (MDM) approach to protecting data. In February Apperian announced it had closed 2014 with record growth, as well as unveiling a major client win in the form of the US Transportation Security Agency, which will be rolling out its internal enterprise app store pumping out Apperian-powered products.

While one could argue it’s a little late to the party in securing Android 5.0, this news represents the latest drop of rain in a tidal wave of vendors looking at Android protection. The tide is certainly turning in the enterprise space.

“Android 5.0 devices are already being shipped, and enterprises should be confident in their ability to support this new operating system as it comes into the enterprise,” said Alan Murray, Apperian SVP products.

The most recent industry figures show that while Android Lollipop is being shifted, employees aren’t that quick to pick it up. According to Globo’s latest MDM report, released in February, Lollipop only commands 2.28% of the Droid market share.

Yet there are two sides to this story. It’s worth noting that Lollipop hadn’t been made widely available for download at the time of the results, and Google recently announced the cessation of patches for WebView vulnerabilities in versions of Android older than KitKat and Lollipop. The question remains, however, whether users will update their Android devices, or move over to iOS?

Recent innovations, such as Android for Work, featuring a plethora of partners including AirWatch, MobileIron and SAP, as well as Good for Samsung KNOX, represents a paradigm shift in controlling Android for enterprise use cases, traditionally hampered by the CIO’s lack of confidence due to fragmentation and security issues.

Now Apperian has joined the party – and the EMM vendors had better watch their step.

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    16 December 2014, 02:45 JapioF

    I was a Catch Notes-user before switching to Evernote (because Catch Notes stopped their service) and I have been a user ever since. A couple of months I threw in the couple of bucks and switched to Premium because of the filesync. I use it for everything, from webclipping, shopping lists (which are shared with my wife) and (using a BT-keyboard with my Nexus 7) writing articles, which then go onto my blog. At work, I use it to jot down notes in meetings. For me, it’s ideal!
    I have owned many Android-devices, none of which came with Evernote pre-i1talled. Also, Evernote predates Android on IOS and it was never packaged with IOS, so stating that ‘most people won’t use Evernote unless packaged as bloatware’ is simply incorrect

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