How to deliver business value with MDM

How to deliver business value with MDM

How to deliver business value with MDM

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How to deliver business value with MDM

One of the most difficult parts of BYOD is making it work for the betterment of the business. Just instituting BYOD because it’s popular is not a sufficient enough reason to put the time, money, and effort into it.

If BYOD isn’t providing any type of value for employees, customers, or the company as a whole, it might not be the best decision.  With a little thought and planning, BYOD can be a home run and really strengthen a company’s business value.

A policy has to be in place

Without rules in place to govern how mobile devices can be used in the work place, companies run the risk of having employees do whatever they want with sensitive information. Shockingly enough, research conducted by Ovum showed that 80% of BYOD goes unmanaged!

The policy should be written down and each employee participating should be required to sign an agreement stating they understand the policy. Some key topics the policy should address are:

  • What information can be accessed by employees
  • What information can be accessed by the employer
  • Which employees are eligible for BYOD
  • What happens when employees leave the company
  • How much is the company willing to pay for their employee’s monthly plans?

Taking the time to create a detailed BYOD policy will cut back on a majority of the issues that arise within most companies and cause the programs to fail.

MDM software is a necessity for all companies

Contrary to common believe, the need of mobile management software is not based on the number of employees a company has but the level of security this one want to assure for its most important assets. Hence, both startups and Fortune 500 companies find in MDM the best tool to protect their business idea and IT infrastructure in case of loss or vulnerability.

MDM software gives users the ability to completely manage all mobile devices on the network remotely erasing all data from the device whenever it’s need. Sysaid Technologies’ MDM software uses a feature that enables users to create multiple policies per user.

This means that each individual device can have custom settings as far as what sites they can access, email settings, passcodes, and other policies that have to be set on an individual basis rather than company-wide.


Any company thinking of doing BYOD needs to carefully consider the security aspects. People lose their phones every day and even a single email can carry information that could destroy a company or someone’s reputation if it hits the wrong hands.

More so, sensitive information stored in a device cannot only affect the company but its clients or other stakeholders. 

How much will BYOD cost?

Before doing allowing BYOD, companies typically want to know how much it’s going to cost. It’s really impossible to give any type of general answer to this question because it will be dependent upon how much of the costs the company wants to absorb. Some companies have employees incur all the costs associated with BYOD including buying their devices and paying for their monthly bill. Others split the costs, and a select few cover all the costs.

The cost of BYOD is another topic that should be addressed within the company policy. Here’s a tip for companies trying to gauge whether or not BYOD is really adding any value to the company.

Assuming you’re using MDM software, you can view how many employees are actually using their devices for work purposes. If the company is covering the costs of BYOD and only a few people are actually using their mobile devices for work, then the company could consider scrapping it altogether.

On the flipside, if employees are absorbing all the costs but the program is really beneficial and increasing business value and employee productivity, the company might want to contribute at least partially but allotting a monthly stipend.

Tinkering with BYOD and testing to see what works is the best route to take. When done successfully, BYOD can be wonderful and significantly increase the business value of a company.

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Ilan Hertz is the VP of Marketing at SysAid Technologies, a leading provider of IT Service Management solutions, deployed at over 100,000 companies around the world.

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