How We Use Tablets and Smartphones – Infographic

How We Use Tablets and Smartphones – Infographic

How We Use Tablets and Smartphones – Infographic

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How We Use Tablets and Smartphones – Infographic

How are we interacting with our mobile devices? The following infographic, produced using research from Forrester, highlights the key differences between consumers relationships with their tablet and smartphone devices. It found that:

Tablet Devices Used Mainly in Bedroom and Living Room

  • 88% of tablet usage is done in the living room
  • 79% of usage is done in the bedroom
  • 24% of tablet owners use their device at work

Tablet owners mainly used their device to browse the web (88%), checking emails (84%) and playing games (72%). Furthermore:

  • 55% of tablet users view pictures on their device
  • 52% of tablet users watch videos
  • 41% of tablet users interact with maps
  • 34% and 33% of tablet users view documents (e.g Microsoft) and read magazines respectively

What Does This Mean?
Tablet owners engage highly with their devices when relaxing. Marketers should note that usage in these rooms presents opportunities such as ‘dual screening’ where tablet solutions can be designed to interact with TV programmes.

Smartphone Devices Used Mainly On the Go

Unsurprisingly, most smartphone usage happens on the go:

  • 72% of smartphone owners use device whilst traveling
  • 63% of smartphone usage is done in a store whilst shopping
  • 47% of smartphone owners use the device in the car
  • 64% use their smartphone in a restaurant or coffee shop

What Does This Mean?
As we mentioned in this month’s mobile marketing cheatsheet, smartphone usage is supplementary. Brands should note that smartphone solutions will be used alongside other activities and will normally fall into two camps: answering a frequent requirement or ‘time fillers’.

Smartphone solutions should therefore be engaging to capture the audience and practical, informative or humorous enough to keep consumers coming back.

How are we using mobile devices? 2012Infographic first appeared on AdWeek.

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