Jasper announces Salesforce and SAP IoT partnership deals #MWC15

Jasper announces Salesforce and SAP IoT partnership deals #MWC15

Jasper announces Salesforce and SAP IoT partnership deals #MWC15

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Jasper announces Salesforce and SAP IoT partnership deals #MWC15

Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider Jasper has announced partnerships with Salesforce and SAP, providing greater value to customers with the former and better managing and monetising IoT services with the latter.

The partnerships, announced at Mobile World Congress, build upon the previous deal inked with VMware – for AirWatch – in October 2014, show off Jasper’s variety of use cases, as well as increase focus on IoT in an enterprise context.

“It’s driven by customer demand,” Jasper VP product marketing Simon Berman told Enterprise AppsTech. “We’re not in the business of doing partnerships for the sake of partnerships. In the IoT space it’s a very busy environment, there are lots of players, and the question is separating the noise from the meaningful stuff.”

The key for Salesforce in driving this partnership is the increased prevalence of real-time data. Jasper’s solution will integrate with the Salesforce Customer Success Platform in order to create faster time to market, automate business processes, and transform companies from selling static products to offering dynamic services.

“Salesforce claim they have a 360 degree view of the customer, which is fantastic,” Berman says. “IoT comes along, their customers are selling services to their customers, and so they have a void, understanding the use of those services, where they are, how they are used.

“What we’re doing is essentially providing all of that ground level data and the usage of that product, feeding that back into the Salesforce system so they continue to have a 360 degree view of their customer,” he adds. “There’s value there for the sales teams, for the marketing teams, and for the support teams.”

For SAP, it’s more about collaboration to help enterprises deploy and manage IoT services. Jasper’s Control Center platform will integrate with SAP HANA, with a successful proof-of-concept test already completed and both parties musing over go-to-market strategies.

Jasper’s customers include Nissan, which uses the Jasper platform to deliver telematics services to drivers, and Starbucks, which utilises IoT to ensure continuous uptime to serve customers even if the DSL network is down.

The Internet of Things is becoming a primary driver in building enterprise productivity and collaboration. For the enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors, IoT could be an important differentiator. Nick McQuire, analyst at CCS Insight, noted in his 2015 predictions the expected convergence of IoT and EMM.

How does IoT fit into your enterprise mobile strategy?


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