Evernote releases enterprise version of note-taking app

Evernote releases enterprise version of note-taking app

Evernote releases enterprise version of note-taking app

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Evernote releases enterprise version of note-taking app

Cloud-based software company Evernote has released an enterprise-ready version of its note-taking app, Evernote Business.

The app has been released in seven countries: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UK and USA and is available in the US for $10 a month.

Evernote’s product is certainly an enterprise-friendly idea, and indeed two in three use it for work purposes, but now Evernote has grasped the nettle and released a product which aims to be, in the company’s words, “a perfect tool for small and medium-sized companies and small teams within larger organisations”.

Calling the original product “a mostly solitary affair”, Evernote has two separate notebooks for employees to utilise – the Personal Notebook, as well as the Business Notebook, whereby cloudy notes can be read by anyone in the company.

Users get 2GB per month in both personal and business notebooks – that’s a lot of jotting down, no matter who you work for.

The app was released in beta form during August, and according to Evernote: “At its core, Evernote Business is Evernote. It’s the same service that’s used by tens of millions of people around the world, but it’s better”.

One of the more intriguing features to Evernote Business is the Related Notes function, whereby a user types a new note and contextually relevant notes appear underneath it.

As a user continues to type, the notes become more relevant. “For the first time ever, you’ll know all the relevant information that your team has right as you start working on something”, the blog notes.

The product attempts to answer the question ‘How do you know what your team knows?’, but can you see this being a viable facet of your workplace?

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