A little more on Jasper’s acquisition by Cisco

A little more on Jasper’s acquisition by Cisco

A little more on Jasper’s acquisition by Cisco

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A little more on Jasper’s acquisition by Cisco

MWC At the start of this month, Cisco announced its intent to buy Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider Jasper for $1.4 billion (£960m). Now, we know a little more about the deal; Jasper will form a business division of Cisco in its own right – the IoT Software business unit – with CEO Jahangir Mohammed becoming general manager of that team.

The deal is yet to close, so nothing has changed at least on the surface, but current thinking is that Jasper will remain a standalone brand, similar to how WebEx is branded.

Robb Henshaw, senior director of corporate communications at Jasper, explained how the acquisition came about. “Ultimately, the way that all played out was that [it was an] alliance, partnership conversation originally, and there’s just so many synergies and overlap in terms of technology and products that it just made a ton of sense for us to become a part of Cisco and put some fuel in the fire of what we’re already doing,” he told Enterprise AppsTech.

One of these evident synergies is in terms of partnerships. Jasper counts VMware, SAP, and Salesforce among its various partners – the latter two announced at last year’s Mobile World Congress – and Cisco is more than happy to encourage Jasper’s exploration efforts. “Cisco’s got a huge alliances play too, they’re big on becoming the centre of the alliances universe,” said Henshaw. “They love that we’re doing it. All of our existing partnerships, all of our existing contracts, everything’s being honoured. Cisco’s very excited about the ecosystem we’ve developed.”

An evident point when the announcement was made was that neither company glossed over the challenges surrounding industrial IoT deployment. Sanjay Khatri, Jasper global director of product marketing, explained: “As exciting as it is, there’s still a lot of challenges. We continue to make sure that Jasper is as widely available as possible to any operators around the world. A number of enterprise have seen the value in connecting their products, so that’s an ongoing effort as well.”

The former is a key aspect for Jasper. “Operators are not only using us as a competitive differentiator, but we’re sort of becoming table stakes for a lot of operators,” said Khatri.

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