Is Samsung deliberately hindering Windows Phone 8 to win with Tizen?

Is Samsung deliberately hindering Windows Phone 8 to win with Tizen?

Is Samsung deliberately hindering Windows Phone 8 to win with Tizen?

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Is Samsung deliberately hindering Windows Phone 8 to win with Tizen?

Tizen phoneFollowing slow adoption of Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 devices and the recent news that the Korean giant will launch a phone using its Tizen OS later this year, it appears that Samsung may be deliberately slowing Windows Phone 8 adoption.

That’s certainly the view of Jeff Johnston, analyst at Detwiler Fenton, who sees Samsung’s lack of action to boost WP8 sales as evidence of a strategy to consume Microsoft’s resources while Tizen is readied for launch.

While Johnston’s assessment is controversial, Samsung’s roadmap for WP8 devices is small and unexciting, especially compared to its often innovative Android-based Galaxy range, and despite its vast marketing budget there has been little evidence of a big push to boost WP8 sales.

The question remains: is Samsung placing a big bet on Tizen, or just throwing out ideas to see what sticks in the market?

At first glance it seems unlikely that Samsung would want to further fragment the mobile market when it already enjoys success with its BADA OS, and the Galaxy range which has made Android synonymous with Samsung in the eyes of many consumers.

Between the Android security concerns and the continued lack of demand for Blackberry devices, there is an opportunity for a new major player to emerge. Microsoft has assumed that WP8 would be that platform, especially with Redmond’s core enterprise heritage, but Samsung could step into third place in the market with Tizen as a solid proposition alongside its SAFE platform and Knox virtualization solution.

The strategy looks increasingly plausible in light of Samsung’s efforts to reduce its reliance on Android. While it could choose to heavily back Windows Phone 8 and emulate its Android success, in the long run this would just switch one OS behemoth for another.

Samsung has been receiving extensive engineering support for its WP8 devices, a strategic resource that Microsoft could be investing with other OEMs, while it prepares to launch an OS that runs across all Samsung’s smart devices and which gives it full control.

So what is Tizen?

  • Joint venture between Samsung, Intel and Linux
  • Combines the technologies of Meego and Limo
  • Intended for a wide range of devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs; as well as embedded devices like GPSs and cars
  • Neither Meego nor Limo were commercial successes, but Meego was deemed promising until it was dropped by Nokia in favour of Windows Phone

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