Uber Neighborhood Shop delivery service released

Uber Neighborhood Shop delivery service released

Uber Neighborhood Shop delivery service released

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Uber Neighborhood Shop delivery service released

Uber Corner Store Uber’s new service: Ideal for lazy smartphone owners

Uber has launched a new delivery service. Called Corner Store, it allows users to request drivers to pick up goods for them and get them delivered wherever they are.

The service, that is being trialled in Washington D.C, works in exactly the same as asking for an Uber vehicle. Simply toggle across towards the Neighborhood Shop option within the Uber application and hang where you are. Uber will fire off a text suggesting what products you can purchase and you’ll get a call out of your driver so that you can make an order.

Uber has launched a listing in excess of 100 items that are offered. For the time being, it’s restricted to every single day products, for example toiletries and household items.

Costs are naturally an impression greater than you’d pay should you hit the businesses yourself (think gum for

The services are ready to go now, but Uber states it’ll only continue for a couple of days. Individuals Uber customers selected to test the service will have the ability to order items between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Friday. However, the questionable company states the popular it proves, the more the experiment will probably last.

‘Corner Store’ marks a brand new front in Uber’s fight to get among the world’s go-to apps. Getting adopted traditional taxi firms in over 100 metropolitan areas worldwide, it now seems to become readying itself for any grapple with Amazon’s same-day delivery service.

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