Enterprise trend 2014: Enterprising the customer

Enterprise trend 2014: Enterprising the customer

Enterprise trend 2014: Enterprising the customer

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Enterprise trend 2014: Enterprising the customer

Time to get on the bandwagon and mention a quick thought for Enterprise Mobility in 2014!

Enterprising the Consumer

Everybody talks nowadays concerning the “consumerisation” from the enterprise. However, a lot of we’ve got the technology that’s now used extensively in consumer products came initially from enterprise innovation.

For instance battery existence indicators, Wireless, and Gps navigation (to mention only a couple of) originated from government and business industries. It required some good minds and information to create together the nexus of accessible technologies into items that customers needed.

Having a more general discharge of Google Glass expected in 2014 the spotlight is going to be on consumer uptake and connected unit sales volumes.

However to create Glass successful it could take the enterprise sector they are driving innovation into practical programs and employ installments of the brand new form-factor.

We’re already seeing tests in police and military programs. Anticipate seeing:

  • Retail Shopping experiences, gift registry, along with retail employee facing applications
  • Conference and event location awareness for attendees, organizers, & booth bunnies
  • Real-estate and Tour applications for customer’s and employees
  • Logistics and Asset Management applications
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