Google I/O: New Google Maps APIs

Google I/O: New Google Maps APIs

Google I/O: New Google Maps APIs

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Google I/O: New Google Maps APIs

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Google has announced three new Google Maps APIs for developers during the Google I/O keynote speech.

Google Maps is going to be up-to-date with three new location APIs making the service better for customers and designers.

Area of the new Google Play Services, the brand new Google Maps APIs works across all products and Android platforms. The brand new APIs are members of Google Maps Android API v2, “a major interface upgrade”.

Fused Location Provider

The very first new Google Maps location API is known as the Fused Location Provider and it was produced by Google to benefit from all location sensors.

The internet search engine giant rewrote its location calculations to ensure that locations are actually acquired faster and much more precisely by Google Maps. Google has additionally added a brand new low power location mode that utilizes under 1 percent from the device’s battery each hour, which makes it more energy-efficient for smartphones and capsules to make use of Google Maps both individually and within other apps.


Next, Google has added Geofencing to Google Maps. This location API enables designers and customers to define virtual fences around geographic locations.

These fences recognise once the Google Maps user steps interior and exterior individuals limitations. The brand new location API enables as much as 100 geofences to become active concurrently per application, something which designers happen to be needing for a while.

Activity Recognition

The ultimate new Google Maps location API is Activity Recognition. This enables Google Maps to assist customers track their activities, similar to an exercise application or sports device like FitBit or even the Nike FuelBand.

Activity Recognition uses accelerometer data and “machine learning classifiers” to instantly uncover if the user is walking, cycling or driving.

The truly clever feature is it performs this without activating Gps navigation, meaning the game Recognition API is extremely battery efficient. Bing is already predicting an abundance of new fitness apps that utilize this Google Maps capacity.

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Franco Rossel
    25 August 2016, 02:45 Franco Rossel

    If you’re willing to deal with bloatware, inco1istent UI and extremely slow updates, go for it.

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Alan Shearer
    01 September 2016, 02:45 Alan Shearer

    Does it support cloud saves? I have yet to require an internet connection while playing on my wifi only tablet with wifi off. Not rooted though, so cannot cheat, but if I never connected it to the internet while in game, how can my currency be synced to anything? Cou1e just barely finishing the stock car challenge, just starting the fun 😛
    I highly doubt that or it would require an internet connection to play like simpso1 tapped out does (and even that one has confirmed to be cheatable)

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