[Update: Official Particulars] PayPal Will get An Enormous Update To v6. Having A Complete UI Overhaul [APK Download]

[Update: Official Particulars] PayPal Will get An Enormous Update To v6. Having A Complete UI Overhaul [APK Download]

[Update: Official Particulars] PayPal Will get An Enormous Update To v6. Having A Complete UI Overhaul [APK Download]

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[Update: Official Particulars] PayPal Will get An Enormous Update To v6. Having A Complete UI Overhaul [APK Download]
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  • Update 1: 2016/02/18 8:46am PST

    Official details

PayPal’s Android application continues to be greatly looking for an update for a while, and today it’s you get one. The brand new v6. update is formally out tomorrow, however the update appears to possess began showing up already. We have first got it on APK Mirror if you wish to take a look, and it is a large departure.

This can be a changelog for that new application, supplied by PayPal support. The ultimate changelog might finish up being quite different.


  • The entire app has a new design and is built upon faster, more reliable services. This will make the current features faster and more efficient for our customers. In addition, the new app now includes:
  • A more detailed activity view with a number of quick actions. These actions will allow customers to accept/deny payments, pay a pending request, send another payment, or view history with a particular merchant.
  • A home page that allows customers to quickly navigate to some top tasks and discover features they didn’t know about.
  • The ability to request money from friends and family
  • The ability to view and update your personal information
  • The option to sign up for a new PayPal account
  • Being able to send money to recent or frequent contacts quickly.
  • Marshmallow fingerprint login (allegedly)

The UI is really a radical departure, and never entirely “Android” to look at. The house page has your bank account info up top, then various quick actions below that. There are several material animations and touch effects, however i feel just a little lost with no navigation menu. It feels similar to a UI that is built to focus on both android and ios. It’s designed to support fingerprint sensors on Marshmallow, however i haven’t observed that within the up-to-date application.

You could also observe that I required a photograph of my phone above. That is because the application now blocks screenshots in the system level.You will get the brand new version from APK Mirror or watch for it hitting your device that old-fashioned way. There’s a couple of pics from the old UI below.

Update 1: 2016/02/18 8:46am PST

Official details

PayPal has up-to-date its blog using the official announcement. See below for the particulars. Gleam video from the application for action.

Pr Release

Nowadays commerce happens online, in apps as well as in store, and mobile products are in the center from it. One inch four transactions on PayPal is on mobile, and Forrester Research predicts mobile commerce will represent several third of internet transactions in 2016.

Only a couple of days following the launch in our ‘New Money’ global advertising campaign, the redesigned PayPal application embodies our vision for future years of cash. We redesigned the application to really make it simpler and much more personal that you should move and manage your hard earned money wherever you’re. It puts the items for you to do most using the application in the lead and will get eliminate the clutter.

Actually, customer comments drove a lot of the redesign. Within our new application you’ll find:

A Better Global Experience. We’ve built the app using an iterative platform so it’s easier to customize and localize the PayPal app for the 145 markets where the app is live. This means you get a better experience no matter where you are or what language you speak.

Simplified Features. We’ve simplified our features and modernized our app to make it easier for you to move and manage your money.

  • Send & Request Money: You’ve shown us sending and requesting money from your friends and family is one of the most popular features in the app. In fact, over the last two years, we have seen over 100% growth in the number of peer-to-peer transactions happening in the app. There’s a new personalized hub that lets you add people directly from your contact book, allowing for an easy way to send and request money from friends.
  • New Home Screen: You can find all your transaction details, pay your pending requests, or send payments to your recent contacts.

Customers First. Many of the features we’ve included in our redesigned app include features that were requested by you! Our product and design teams spent a lot of time listening to our customers and speaking with some of our 8,000 customer service team members to find out how we could improve our app. We even conducted a customer beta and received thousands of pieces of feedback during the testing, which we added into the app, like:

  • Fine-tuning Android fingerprint authentication for more devices
  • Separating account activity by pending and completed transactions
  • Having quick access to the friends you send money to most often

Mobile In-store. We have also made it easier for you to use the in-store functionality that you really want, like order ahead through partners like Yelp Eat24 and payment code. We believe the key is offering you choice, flexibility, convenience and security. We’ll have more in-store features coming soon.

Our app redesign is just one example of what PayPal is doing to help empower you to move and manage money securely, efficiently and affordably.

End of Update

Paypal (Playboard) | Paypal (Play Store)

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