Impressions in the Droidcon 2011

Impressions in the Droidcon 2011

Impressions in the Droidcon 2011

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Impressions in the Droidcon 2011

As each year, the Droidcon 2011 occured within our capitol town of Berlin. Thus Ough, Tobias and Andre in our team required removed from Bremen to go to.

The Urania, a properly-known theater, was the place of the year’s conference that was a pleasant contrast to last years location that was not even close to the middle of Berlin. Using its classy red-padded chairs and theatre stages the sensation was really a motion picture than of the conference. The Droidcon began on the very first day using the barcamp. Everybody was asked to provide one half-hour session or discussion of the taste.

After an intro from the team from OpenIntents that is organizing the conference every year, an intro of every participant from the conference occured. Although a selected speaker introduced themself and the right and left seat partner with tag cloud, this method really required considerable time as hundreds of people attended the start. The development of the bar camp presenters adopted: an array of subjects was presented and (unlike other bar camps) every single session had a room fitting towards the overall curiosity about the presented subject. Because of conflicting interests the Enough Software team separated their method to benefit from the sessions.

In-depth discussions about AsyncTasks or Handlers were area of the show in addition to companys showing their items. Around the positive side, pure advertisment sessions weren’t given. I recall a session known as “”Why is a super phone ?” from the Samsung Promoter from this past year (suprisingly, a Samsung phone had all of the presented features) which really created a bad impression on me. Around the gloomy, some discussions and presentation really got stuck within the first minutes because of insufficient preparation and also the resulting enthusiasm from the participants. Although i collected newer and more effective information in to the Android platform, a genuine eye opener wasn’t presented for me personally.

Because the bar camp closed, shuttle busses left for that aftershow party in the C-Base. Following a bad, but sufficient meal at among the worse restaurants of Berlin we made the decision to participate the party. The C-Side revealed itself to become a unique place : build in design for a rather spaceship, playing moving techno, serving czech beer and offering a number of old-school arcades we felt oddly comfortable. Therefore we spend the night hanging using the guys and women in the befriended companies synyx and sevenval, playing multi-player tetris, consuming and talking about bad horror movies. Overall a really nice aftershow party.

The conference began by having an amazing keycode from Peter Meier of Metaio. The organization is spezialized in the development of Augmented Reality programs and presented options and methods for Augmented reality within the mobile market. Apart from three dimensional models and media enriching the actual existence with the Android camera, research was presented that showcased the options of stereoscopic cameras in handsets. The end result was that objects might be put into your camera display with real depth : inside a demo, a developer from Metaio could relocate front and behind an item. A really inspiring and jaw-shedding keynote.

Among the highlights having a full room of fanboys was the presentation from the Honeycomb platform by Google’s own Sparky Rhodes. Unfortuanetly, the expansion facets of the woking platform like RenderScript or even the extended icons of Android 3. weren’t area of the talk. However the shirt and figurine freebies in the finish made everybody happy again.

Ronan Schwarz of OpenIntents presented a pleasant session concerning the basic principles of Android describing the lifecycle of the activity in-depth. He advised us that “there’s no application” : Android is really a framework of mashable activities which opens amazing options beyond the monolithic application approach. Also, guess which scene from Matrix was referenced.

Although a number of interesting subjects were presented both around the barcamp as well as on the conference, some facets of the Droidcon weren’t nearly as good. Particularly the tight schedule from the sessions was bugging us : half an hour of your time was deliver to each session thou some needed (and deserved) additional time. The following session immediately began following the previous the one that left virtually no time for any nice talk to another participants and led to full and hectic flooring between your rooms. But, although i wasn’t truly inspired through the show, this mixture of subjects only agreed to be right and I am searching forward to another Droidcon.

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