Samsung Universe S7, six several weeks on

Samsung Universe S7, six several weeks on

Samsung Universe S7, six several weeks on

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I authored our overview of the Universe S7 edge, but never might get confident with the bigger curved screen and immediately gravitated to presenting the “standard” Universe S7 rather. The Five.1-inch screen and svelte total body are the perfect size for me personally: large enough not to feel cramped, and sufficiently small to slot in my pocket and manage having a single hands.

After several weeks useful, my Universe S7 continues to be searching rather pristine, though I am of course not very rough on any one of my phones because they frequently spend hrs each day located on a desk. I am also aware from the risks of scratches, bumps and drops as i travel, and my GS7 usually resides in a obvious TPU situation or Samsung’s battery power situation after i hit the street.

My GS7 has spent 80% of their existence outdoors a situation, and has not selected up any cosmetic damage.

With this being stated, my GS7 has most likely spent 80% of their existence outdoors of the situation, and extremely has not selected up any cosmetic damage. The metal frame includes a couple of small scratches, and also the back glass may be the somewhere damage is fairly inevitable – you can observe a couple of shallow scratches and swirls from sliding around on various surfaces. No cracks or starts within the glass on each side, though, that is a huge victory – and thinking about how good the GS7 is created I am not surprised.

The Universe S7’s display remains wonderful, from the punchy colors and crisp resolution to the fantastic daylight visibility. Samsung’s shows happen to be class-topping a couple of years, even though there are many other phones available with great shows, all of them show up just a little lacking Samsung’s AMOLEDs. Many people aren’t as attracted to the over-saturated look, however i quite appreciate it – and if you like some thing in keeping with existence you are able to tune it in the configurations.

Water proofing has saved my phone numerous occasions, but it is really concerning the reassurance.

In the last six several weeks I have used another phones, too, and I am regularly advised how awesome it’s to return towards the Universe S7 using its water proofing. Though increasingly more phones are adding some amount of resistance, it is not entirely ubiquitous, neither is it to the same IP68 rating that Samsung uses. I do not make use of the Universe S7 to consider photos under water, nor shall we be held losing sight of my method of getting it wet – but it is only one less factor to bother with when I am transporting around a $650 phone. I place it out when I am by the pool, instead of stuffing it inside a bag. I let it rest within my pocket when I am walking the shore and needn’t be concerned about a rogue wave destroying it. I’m able to use it a crowded dining room table despite the fact that it’s practically inevitable someone will spill a glass or two. And importantly for San antonio, I’m able to make use of the phone while I am around the pavement while it is raining and never worry.

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